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DiRecManagment, Inc. provides professional, creative collection solutions to businesses and organizations across the nation trying to reclaim funds.

Medical Collections

We can improve your financial health with our comprehensive medical collections services. HIPAA compliant, we are experienced in collecting medical receivables for various practices and hospitals. DiRecManagment, Inc. has in-depth understanding and experience in handling the nuances of insurance reimbursement. In recovering outstanding balances, we will rescue your profit margin while retaining your reputation and patients. Our diverse portfolio of clients includes hospitals, healthcare clients, physicians and surgeons, ambulance services and surgery centers.

Retail & Commercial Collections

Through our full service accounts receivable management services, DiRecManagment, Inc. is able to provide excellent collection results for retail and commercial accounts. We customize our programs and build continuity between the creditor, debtor, agency and counsel, to deliver financial recovery on your behalf.

Skip Tracing

When you are unable to locate a delinquent debtor with the contact information provided, our skip tracing service can help pinpoint their location and recover monies due to your organization. DiRecManagement’s advanced data-linking and search technologies allow us to find people, assets and businesses from whom you need to recover the full amount owed.


Most of DiRecManagement, Inc’s recoveries are achieved through pre-suit handling of collection accounts. However, should it be necessary to litigate, DiRecManagment, Inc. has established a sophisticated network of attorneys throughout the United States. Litigation can be achieved quickly, with a proven attorney in the venue of the debtor. Fees for litigation accounts vary based on size of accounts, applicable state laws in the location of debtor, quality of account, etc. Close analysis of a client’s portfolio allows for a mutually beneficial litigation relationship.

Asset Location

In aid of the litigation process, DiRecManagement, Inc. can help you locate assets—such as property, vehicles, business ownership, and employment—to provide you the information needed to collect or recover.

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